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Announcement-ID: PMASA-2013-6

Date: 2013-06-05


XSS due to unescaped HTML output in Create View page.


When creating a view with a crafted name and an incorrect CREATE statement, it is possible to trigger an XSS.


We consider this vulnerability to be non critical.

Mitigation factor

This vulnerability can be triggered only by someone who logged in to phpMyAdmin, as the usual token protection prevents non-logged-in users from accessing the required form.

Affected Versions

Versions 4.0.x are affected.


Upgrade to phpMyAdmin 4.0.3 or newer, or apply the patch listed below.


Thanks to Maxim Rupp for reporting this issue.

Assigned CVE ids: CVE-2013-3742

CWE ids: CWE-661 CWE-79


The following commits have been made to fix this issue:

More information

For further information and in case of questions, please contact the phpMyAdmin team. Our website is