Getting help with phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin strives to be as helpful as possible during the install, but sometimes it happens: it just won't work. Here's a list of resources and information you can use when you're trying to get it working:

Recent versions of all programs

It's true, software has bugs. Those bugs get fixed, but if you're still running a broken version of PHP that doesn't handle arrays correctly, you'll never get phpMyAdmin (or any other PHP script) working properly. If at all possible try to run the most recent versions of MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin.

Use the phpMyAdmin source

Many distributions ship with binary installs for phpMyAdmin (Gentoo's portage/emerge, Debian's dpkg/apt, etc). If you have a problem with one of those, seek help from the package maintainer. If you want to ask us, first get the source from our downloads page and run through the quick install guide.

Read the documentation!

Yes, the documentation is large, but that's because it has a lot of information in it. Search for your error message or problem. Read the frequently asked questions — many common problems are answered there.

Types of questions and where to ask

Mailing Lists

Commercial Support

If you want to receive commercial support for phpMyAdmin, either as help with installation or implementing custom features, do not hesitate to contact the development mailing list. Please note that these services are not in any way connected with the phpMyAdmin team and we can not guarantee accurate information or quality of service for them.