The phpMyAdmin development team is responsible for the development of phpMyAdmin and represents the project at various conferences. The project used services from 2001 to 2015, with a transition to GitHub starting in 2012 and completed by 2015. You can find more about the project and its history.

You can contact the team on the development mailing list (subscription and archives). You can follow the developers blogs at planet phpMyAdmin.

Michal Čihař

Project admin and infrastructure coordinator

Photo of Michal Čihař

Michal made his first contribution to phpMyAdmin in 2001 by updating the Czech translation. Later he contributed charset conversion code and improved export and import handling to support plugins.

He currently maintains the project web site, demo server, wiki and other useful services. He lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

Contact options: website, jabber, .

Madhura Jayaratne

Bug fixing and security coordinator

Photo of Madhura Jayaratne

Madhura joined the phpMyAdmin in early 2011 and continues to contribute by fixing bugs and translating phpMyAdmin to his native language, Sinhala. He also took part in GSoC 2011 to implement GIS support for phpMyAdmin.

He lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Isaac Bennetch

Release, support and documentation coordinator

Photo of Isaac Bennetch

Isaac has been helping out with phpMyAdmin since 2005 by helping with user support and improving the documentation. He officially joined the development team in April, 2013. Isaac enjoys being able to give back to the Open Source community and is thrilled to be a part of the phpMyAdmin community.

He lives in the United States.

Deven Bansod


Photo of Deven Bansod

Deven started contributing to phpMyAdmin in January 2015 and participated in Google Summer of Code, 2015. He has worked on implementing several feature requests related to interface and usability improvement and continues to help out with bug fixes and testing out new features and patches.

He is currently a computer science undergrad at BITS Pilani, India.

Dan Ungureanu


Dan participated in Google Summer of Code 2015, where he implemented a new SQL parser.

Maurício Meneghini Fauth


Photo of Maurício Meneghini Fauth

Maurício's early work with the team began by being instrumental in designing and implementing a change of how phpMyAdmin's internal class structure works as well as spearheading the incorporation of the Twig template engine. He has quickly become familiar with the rest of the code base and has offered many ideas for modernizing certain aspects of the code. He joined the team in 2017 and lives in Brazil.

Team meetings

We would like to meet other members of the team more often; so far only a few team meetings in real life have happened.

The first one was at a big party in Karlsruhe, Germany for the 10th anniversary of PHP and MySQL at the LinuxTag 2005 LAMP Area, with some special guests.

The second meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium during FOSDEM 2010. Marc Delisle talked about "State of phpMyAdmin" in the MySQL developer room.

The third meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium during FOSDEM 2012. The team talked about future directions for the project.

The fourth meeting took place in Vaumarcus, Switzerland during Debconf13. The team did a tutorial showing basic and more advanced features of phpMyAdmin.

During LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin, Germany, our project was an exhibitor and we held our fifth team meeting.

The sixth team meeting was held during FOSDEM 2015. We also attended a community dinner for the 20th anniversary of MySQL.

A few members of the phpMyAdmin team were able to gather at DebConf16 in Cape Town, South Africa. The team members met with the Debian developers, attended educational talks, and promoted the project.

Team members met again at DebConf17 in Montréal, Canada. In addition to bugfixing and meeting to discuss a roadmap for future plans, team members also had the pleasure of reuniting with past member Marc Delisle who spent many years as project maintainer.


We'd like to thank all the developers and contributors, who have contributed to the success of phpMyAdmin over the years. A full list is maintained in the documentation.