The phpMyAdmin project extends a special thanks to the companies who wish to support us in a recurring way.

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LevelYearly amount (USD)Logo/link
Diamond$20000250x250 logo on home page and sponsors page
Platinum$10000250x130 logo on home page and sponsors page
Gold$7500250x70 logo or text link on home page and sponsors page
Silver$2500250x70 logo only on sponsors page
Bronze$1000text link on sponsors page

Annual Bronze sponsorships are self-service using the PayPal link below. For Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond sponsorships, we ask that you write to <donate@phpmyadmin.net> and request an invoice for your sponsorship. Those invoices can be paid by wire transfer, ACH, and paper check, and instructions for payment will be provided with the invoice. These methods of payment save the phpMyAdmin project a lot in credit card processing fees, and puts more of your sponsorship to work in supporting our project.

New sponsors

phpMyAdmin is a member project of Software Freedom Conservancy. Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization that provides financial and administrative assistance to open source projects. Since Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) charity incorporated in New York, donors can often deduct the donation on their USA taxes.

If you use phpMyAdmin or offer it to your customers, please consider sponsoring the project with a yearly donation. The money will be used to improve phpMyAdmin, bring phpMyAdmin developers to conferences and to cover costs for services required to run the project.

Please note that we might refuse to link to some sites which we consider unethical or inappropriate.

Thank you for your support!

Technology partners

The phpMyAdmin project is grateful to our technology partners for their services.


Our downloads are accelerated by content delivery network.


GitHub provides hosting for our source code and issue tracker.


BrowserStack is running our Selenium tests in real browsers.


Scrutinizer helps us improve code quality.


Our translations are being done on Hosted Weblate.