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phpMyAdmin 2.6.2-rc1 is released


Welcome to the first release candidate for 2.6.2. It contains a few fixed and improvements since 2.6.2-beta1, especially the fix for a new vulnerability announced in PMASA-2005-3.

Security alert PMASA-2005-3


Please refer to
for the details.

phpMyAdmin 2.6.2-beta1 is released


Welcome to the first beta of phpMyAdmin 2.6.2.
See for the details about improvements and fixes.

Award: PHP Magazin's Reader's Choice 2005


We wish to thank the readers of the German PHP Magazin: they have chosen phpMyAdmin as the "Best PHP tool/application" for 2005.

phpMyAdmin 2.6.1-pl3 is released


Here is patch level 3 for phpMyAdmin 2.6.1. It fixes a problem introduced in -pl2: can no longer update a field whose name starts with "str".
Also included, a fix for the privileges management module: escaping of the "_" character was not properly done, giving a wildcard privilege when editing db-specific privileges with phpMyAdmin.

Security alert PMASA-2005-2 (path disclosure)


Please refer to
for the details.

Security alert PMASA-2005-1


Please refer to
for this new alert.

phpMyAdmin 2.6.1-pl2 is released


We are sorry to report that the release of 2.6.1-pl1 introduced an instability, producing various problems. This has been fixed, and here is 2.6.1-pl2.

phpMyAdmin 2.6.1-pl1 is released


While 2.6.2 is cooking, here is patch level 1 for 2.6.1, fixing some security problems and a few other bugs.

German book pre-order


MySQL-Datenbanken effizient ber das Web verwalten

The German translation of my book "Mastering phpMyAdmin..." is available to pre-order. Visit and search for "phpmyadmin".