Google Summer of Code 2019


The phpMyAdmin project is excited to announce our student projects for the 2019 Google Summer of Code. We've had many great applicants and it is unfortunate that we were only able to accept these three.

This year, the mentors from phpMyAdmin were pleased with the amount of student support; many students joined the conversation on Gitter and other forums to help other students with their applications and offer their support of each other. This response was overwhelming and reflects wonderfully on the student applicants.

Students who were not selected are welcome to continue to contribute to the phpMyAdmin community and, for those who will be eligible next year, we hope you'll apply again.

Summer of Code is a Google initiative where Google funds college students getting paid for real-world experience and mentorship through open source projects. For many students, this is the first exposure to an open source project. Several phpMyAdmin team members have started as GSoC students. This marks phpMyAdmin's tenth year of participation in GSoC.