phpMyAdmin 4.9.3 is released


Welcome to phpMyAdmin 4.9.3, a routine bugfix release. This release is occurring simultaneously with the release of phpMyAdmin 5.0.0, which is our recommended version except for users with older PHP installations.

This is planned as the final bugfix release of phpMyAdmin version 4. Version 4 works with PHP versions 5.5 through (at least) 7.4, and MySQL versions 5.5 and newer (and the corresponding MariaDB versions). Version 5 will require PHP 7.1 or newer, but we plan to maintain security fixes for version 4 as part of our LTS program. For end of life details and supported versions, please see the "Supported versions" grid at

This release includes fixes for many bugs, including:

There are many, many more bug fixes thanks to the efforts of our developers and other contributors. For full details, you can see the ChangeLog file included with this release.

The phpMyAdmin team