phpMyAdmin website and downloads moved


In last few weeks we were working on improving our infrastructure. We've seen several potential issues with existing setup based on and we've seen several places for improvements.

Two weeks ago, our primary download server has been moved to CDN77. This brings our users more pleasant experience when downloading (no advertisement shown before download starts), provides more security by using SSL connection and also performs better.

At same time, we've started to sign our releases with PGP. Thanks to this, you can verify, that the downloaded tarball matches what our release manager did release. Please note that we had to recreate some tarballs, so if you've downloaded current releases prior this change, the signatures wont' match. You can find more information in Verifying phpMyAdmin releases in our documentation.

Last but not least, today the website has been switched to be served via CDN77 as well. Same as with downloads, this gave us possibility to provide SSL based version of the website. Also you should notice slight performance improvements over previous setup.