The phpMyAdmin project is thrilled to celebrate fifteen years of phpMyAdmin

The phpMyAdmin project was “born” on the 9th of September, 1998, when Tobias Ratschiller released version 0.9.0. The project has grown to be one of the primary tools for administering MySQL and MySQL-like databases, with over 200,000 direct downloads per month (and countless more users who use a prepackaged installation or use a package manager for installation).

The phpMyAdmin project has grown to include code from 669 contributors and the development team has grown from one to nine active members, several Google Summer of Code students, and countless others who contribute code fixes, bug reports, and translations. The interface is currently being translated into 72 languages by the community. By lines of code, the project has grown from 13,496 to 508,761 lines1.

Please join us in celebrating fifteen years of phpMyAdmin! Please send us your success stories, preferably using the Sourceforge review form or by:

By the numbers1:

The phpMyAdmin project is one of the top tools for administrating a MySQL database from a web browser and has won many awards, including "MySQL Application of the Year" at the 2013 MySQL Community Awards. For more information on the history of phpMyAdmin, see the project history page and this SourceForge Project of the Month interview from 2002.

1 – These analyses provided by Open HUB by Black Duck.