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phpMyAdmin English book updated


I am pleased to announce that the book "Mastering phpMyAdmin 2.8 for Effective MySQL Management" has been published.

Marc Delisle

phpMyAdmin is released


This version contains the fix for setup script not working in

phpMyAdmin is released


Welcome to phpMyAdmin which contains security fixes. Details will follow on the security page of

phpMyAdmin 2.9.1-rc1 is released


Welcome to the first release candidate for phpMyAdmin 2.9.1.
This version contains security fixes; more details will follow when
releasing the final 2.9.1 version. Your testing is appreciated.

phpMyAdmin 2.9.0 is released


Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.9.0. See for the release notes.

phpMyAdmin 2.9.0-rc1 is released


Welcome to this first release candidate. It now contains a minimal and displays links to international MySQL doc whenever possible.

phpMyAdmin Wiki


You are invited to visit and update brand new phpMyAdmin wiki which
currently contains up to date documentation and various information
about phpMyAdmin. Share your hits which might be useful for other
users! Wiki can be found at

phpMyAdmin 2.9.0-beta1 is released


Welcome to the first beta for 2.9.0. See the release notes on for the list of improvements.

phpMyAdmin is released


Sorry, broke the setup script; fixed in

phpMyAdmin is released


Two fixes:

- cookie login on IIS with IE6
- switching from scripts/setup.php to the main script in case of register_globals enabled