phpMyAdmin 5.1.0

Released 2021-02-24.

We at the phpMyAdmin project are pleased to publish phpMyAdmin 5.1.0. 

There are many new features and bug fixes; a few highlights include:

* Improve virtuality dropdown for MariaDB > 10.1
* Added an option to perform ALTER ONLINE (ALGORITHM=INPLACE) when editing a table structure
* Added ip2long transformation
* Improvements to linking to MySQL and MariaDB documentation
* Add "Preview SQL" option on Index dialog box when creating a new table
* Add a new vendor constant "CACHE_DIR" that defaults to "libraries/cache/" and store routing cache into this folder
* Add $cfg['CaptchaSiteVerifyURL'] for Google ReCaptcha siteVerifyUrl
* Add the password_hash PHP function as an option when inserting data
* Improvements to editing and displaying columns of the JSON data type.
* Added support for "SameSite=Strict" on cookies using configuration "$cfg['CookieSameSite']"
* Fixed AWS RDS IAM authentication doesn't work because pma_password is truncated
* Add config parameters to support third-party ReCaptcha v2 compatible APIs like hCaptcha
* Add $cfg['MysqlSslWarningSafeHosts'] to set the red text black when ssl is not used on a private network
* Export blobs as hex on JSON export
* Fix leading space not shown in a CHAR column when browsing a table
* Added a rename Button to use RENAME INDEX syntax of MySQL 5.7 (and MariaDB >= 10.5.2)
* Fixed missing option to enter TABLE specific permissions when the database name contains an "_" (underscore)
* Fixed a PHP notice "Trying to access array offset on value of type null" on Designer PDF export
* Fix for several PHP 8 warnings or errors, giving this release full compatibility with PHP 8

There are, of course, many more fixes you can see in the ChangeLog file included with this release or online at

Downloads are available now at

Isaac and the phpMyAdmin team

Older version compatible with PHP 7.1 and newer and MySQL/MariaDB 5.5 and newer.

File Size Verification
phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-all-languages.tar.gz 13.1 MB [PGP] [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-all-languages.tar.xz 7.5 MB [PGP] [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-english.tar.gz 8.5 MB [PGP] [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-english.tar.xz 5.6 MB [PGP] [SHA256] 10.0 MB [PGP] [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-source.tar.xz 17.8 MB [PGP] [SHA256]

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