phpMyAdmin 4.4.3

Released 2015-04-20.

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 4.4.3, a bugfix version. (2015-04-20)
- bug #4851 PHP errors in login dialogue
- bug #4845 White screen (Cloudflare)
- bug #4207 json_encode error due to strftime returning non utf8 chars in Windows 8.1 Chinese version
- bug #4794 Server error viewing table content
- bug       Fix issues related to number of decimal places in time
- bug #4853 Relation view between 1600 and 1780 px
- bug       PHP 7 compatibility in php-gettext
- bug       PHP 7 compatibility in bfShapeFiles
- bug       PHP 7 session_regenerate_id() warning
- bug #4857 Alter table after changing column name error
- bug #4830 Maximum execution time exceeded in Util.class.php

Older version compatible with PHP 5.3.7 to 7.0 and MySQL 5.5. This version is no longer supported for security fixes. Users are urged to upgrade.

File Size Verification
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-all-languages.7z 5.5 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-all-languages.tar.bz2 7.3 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-all-languages.tar.gz 9.1 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-all-languages.tar.xz 5.4 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-english.7z 3.8 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-english.tar.bz2 4.6 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-english.tar.gz 5.3 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.4.3-english.tar.xz 3.8 MB [SHA256] 6.0 MB [SHA256]

Since July 2015 all phpMyAdmin releases are cryptographically signed by the releasing developer. You should verify that the signature matches the archive you have downloaded. Verification instructions are placed in our documentation in the Verifying phpMyAdmin releases chapter.