phpMyAdmin 4.1.5

Released 2014-01-17.

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 4.1.5, a bugfix version. (2014-01-17)
- bug #3780 Allow aborting loading pages
- bug #4223 Database list: Create database misses collation column
- bug #4224 Empty table names when a table is "inuse"
- bug #4225 Partition maintenance broken
- bug #4219 Table list (left panel) does not reload when table renamed
- bug #4230 "in use" displayed for all views in database print view
- bug #4226 Notice: Undefined index: pma_config_loading
- bug #4221 Bzip2 export cannot be directly imported (so withdraw bz2 export)
- bug #4204 Reloading user privileges hides user groups submenu
- bug #4231 DATE columns quick edit decrement by one day

Older version compatible with PHP 5.3 and MySQL/MariaDB 5.5. Was supported until January 1, 2015.

File Size Verification
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-all-languages.7z 4.7 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-all-languages.tar.bz2 6.3 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-all-languages.tar.gz 7.8 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-all-languages.tar.xz 4.7 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-english.7z 3.2 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-english.tar.bz2 3.8 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-english.tar.gz 4.3 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.1.5-english.tar.xz 3.1 MB [SHA256] 4.7 MB [SHA256]

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