phpMyAdmin 4.0.3

Released 2013-06-05.

Welcome to the first release candidate for phpMyAdmin 4.0.3, a bugfix version containing a minor security fix. (2013-06-05)
- bug #3941 Recent tables list always empty
- bug #3933 Do not translate "Open Document" in export settings
- bug #3927 List of tables is missing after expanding in the navigation frame
- bug #3942 Warnings about reserved word for many non reserved words
- bug #3912 Exporting row selection, resulted by ORDER BY query
- bug #3957 Cookies must be enabled past this point
- bug #3956 "Browse foreign values" search filter / page selector not working
- bug #3579 NOW() function incorrectly selected (partial regression)
- [security] Javascript execution vulnerability in Create view,
  reported by Maxim Rupp (see PMASA-2013-6)

Older version compatible with PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5. Does not support PHP 5.5 or newer. Was supported until April 1, 2017.

File Size Verification
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-all-languages.7z 4.2 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-all-languages.tar.bz2 5.7 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-all-languages.tar.gz 7.1 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-all-languages.tar.xz 4.2 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-english.7z 2.8 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-english.tar.bz2 3.4 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-english.tar.gz 3.8 MB [SHA256]
phpMyAdmin-4.0.3-english.tar.xz 2.8 MB [SHA256] 4.2 MB [SHA256]

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