Hiring a contract developer

The phpMyAdmin project is often looking for developers who are interested in becoming contractors performing work on the project. Applicants who do not fit our needs at the time of application will be kept on file for a period of one year in the event the requirements change or a new position is available. Within a few days of applying, applicants can expect a response confirming that their submission was received.


The phpMyAdmin Project is looking for a full-time or part-time developer to assist in development, including bug fixing and refactoring.

Work plan

The ideal candidate will dynamically balance their workload based on outstanding issues and priority, but is anticipated to mostly consist of (in priority order of what's most important to least important):

Work conditions

The Candidate

The candidate will be able to demonstrate a very good knowledge of phpMyAdmin's code base. In addition, we expect excellent skills in all of the technologies used by phpMyAdmin (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, MySQL) and excellent communication skills.


Candidates should submit their proposal (including their CV, availability, and financial terms) to: contract@phpmyadmin.net.