Contest results

Packt Publishing (publisher of Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.4) sponsored this programming contest, offering five e-books of your choice from their entire collection, plus a special prize of a yearly subscription to PacktLib.


  1. List of procedures is not displayed after executing with Enter (winner: Umair Khan)
  2. Setup page content shifted to the right edge of its tabs (winner: Vasu Bhardwaj)
  3. Query by example and the second criteria line (winner: A V Minhaz)
  4. Incorrect tabindex (winner: Viduranga Wijesooriya)
  5. Login loop on session expiry (winner: Dhananjay Nakrani, who also wins the special prize)

Discount codes

Anyone seeing this page can use one of the following discount codes (expire on March 31, 2014) to obtain a 25% discount for the entire Packt collection. Packt donates a percentage from the sales of the phpMyAdmin-related books to the phpMyAdmin project.

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