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phpMyAdmin supports themes since version 2.6.0. All themes are not compatible with all phpMyAdmin versions; you should select below which version you are using.

Please note that themes contain PHP code and you should download them only from trusted servers. All themes available on this page have been checked by phpMyAdmin team members.

To install a theme, unzip your downloaded theme into the directory /themes/ of your phpMyAdmin folder. When you open phpMyAdmin, you should be able to select the theme. Please read the documentation for more details.

You can try the themes in action on our demo server.

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Available Themes

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Metro 2.1

Released on 2013-09-10

Compatible with phpMyAdmin 3.5.

Author: hplhu

Windows 8 / Metro Theme for phpMyAdmin

Cleanstrap 1.0

Released on 2012-12-04

Compatible with phpMyAdmin 3.5.

Author: Various contributors

Clean phpmyadmin theme with subdued colors.

blueorange 1.0b

Released on 2012-10-17

Compatible with phpMyAdmin 3.5.

Author: Teted

Theme with lots of border radiuses and box shadows

Darkblue/orange 2.11

Released on 2012-10-17

Compatible with phpMyAdmin 3.4.

Author: Various contributors

Theme included in phpMyAdmin up to 3.3