Bringing MySQL to the web


Many operating systems already include a phpMyAdmin package and will automatically keep it updated, however these versions are sometimes slightly outdated and therefore may be missing the latest features. Additionally, the configuration process varies widely by package and may not adhere to the official phpMyAdmin documentation. That being said, it is usually the quickest way to an updated installation. Please contact your OS vendor for more information. Some additional information is also available in our documentation. If you just want to try phpMyAdmin in a virtual machine, you might want to check the available software appliances which provide phpMyAdmin.

If you do not find a suitable package or wish to install your own phpMyAdmin, you can download one of the following kits. Please note that phpMyAdmin requires at least PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.

phpMyAdmin 4.4.7

Released 2015-05-16, see release notes for details.

Current version compatible with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5. Currently recommended version.

File Size MD5 checksum
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-all-languages.7z 5.4 MiB 5696d87c80af34145aa42dd55939a803
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-all-languages.tar.bz2 7.1 MiB 2716bcccc1d8b04ae380d97eeba4eaf0
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-all-languages.tar.gz 8.9 MiB e8b54859f99f785377358d04758bd1a3
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-all-languages.tar.xz 5.3 MiB 5a6b6b4365143bd906ed2330746c4c47 9.5 MiB 2885df494d5f9322beed55092b5770b6
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-english.7z 3.8 MiB c030a663eff95fac9d18c04e544d56cd
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-english.tar.bz2 4.4 MiB d3a09c2c390e983a4370b4a92bd7e04f
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-english.tar.gz 5.2 MiB 518b627ffbe3f4646c6ecd5e9dd36b3c
phpMyAdmin-4.4.7-english.tar.xz 3.7 MiB e1646fcb159b7776b363b1fc805e4263 5.9 MiB f1cac4d4e54e3a42539990377d1d5938


Released 2015-05-13, see release notes for details.

Older version compatible with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5.Supported for security fixes only, until Oct 1, 2015.

File Size MD5 checksum
phpMyAdmin- 5.3 MiB abc1806529da389270abe467385623fd
phpMyAdmin- 7.0 MiB 2ec970c3f0029ddb8af28f785eb4f3c7
phpMyAdmin- 8.7 MiB 4421fa20aaa833fead47ad340aa1034d
phpMyAdmin- 5.2 MiB bf8ca20ce4506c1b141de4153a0de9e9 9.2 MiB 1a09d7c16e73b42dedd8595ce2a437a6
phpMyAdmin- 3.6 MiB 3e12eb4fc6aea479162fb0b7ba292860
phpMyAdmin- 4.3 MiB cb2bab35626b45686bc513ccc1cd89c9
phpMyAdmin- 5.0 MiB 15f672b68c02fe80f2346ed5c8748c7f
phpMyAdmin- 3.6 MiB 4e31f27d66722dcd615eb8035012bc5f 5.7 MiB ec41a4f673e74ce8be4e09ebcf4cbc16


Released 2015-05-13, see release notes for details.

Older version compatible with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5.Supported for security fixes only, until Jul 1, 2015.

File Size MD5 checksum
phpMyAdmin- 5.0 MiB 82381f12a3061d6a93240595e2f0875e
phpMyAdmin- 6.7 MiB 764446fd5b689e75e54a3f4728e56774
phpMyAdmin- 8.4 MiB 0994a2ad527b94fc66544eef5dd36d68
phpMyAdmin- 5.0 MiB d46f5f586c07b88dbd595bca00eb365e 8.9 MiB a26891ea6bac19de4645fb07d5ba44bc
phpMyAdmin- 3.5 MiB 58d6827617c58a2b064c4f2caaeea521
phpMyAdmin- 4.2 MiB 345cea4f1740ec49d9c23933531d7c8c
phpMyAdmin- 4.8 MiB 6e143da01479516b8857f47f7fe97624
phpMyAdmin- 3.5 MiB 8a969c0fe8b6cdc71b0633b635f78b04 5.5 MiB c124019578f948cac4c4db5b43fb4ebe


Released 2015-05-13, see release notes for details.

Older version compatible with PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5. Supported for security fixes only, until Jan 1, 2017.

File Size MD5 checksum
phpMyAdmin- 4.6 MiB 9ce155ebf12e3297b652bc6dbd9d9ecc
phpMyAdmin- 6.1 MiB cfe0f2046d260ee450f8231b3d580832
phpMyAdmin- 7.7 MiB 623a65e67522a129c038d5a15fc0bc6d
phpMyAdmin- 4.6 MiB 940aae07d713b7609a94e8ea98644e2f 8.0 MiB 11a6c8e2b1549edc133654cd521ec60f
phpMyAdmin- 3.1 MiB 4420b434b62a35f2bb1f8fe7a082b1ef
phpMyAdmin- 3.7 MiB b0974f4b6c4399807b970ebd6870fe52
phpMyAdmin- 4.2 MiB d35f380882590b27edb4074f6b71ac13
phpMyAdmin- 3.1 MiB 1e40018ab8e509cf2a5d53050b99b602 4.6 MiB 8d6221bf828435d590b0055a9c15a8f6

Development Versions

Git repositories are located at git:// and you can browse them online using github.

You can also download current snapshots from GitHub (Download ZIP button in right column).

More information about using Git is available on development page.

Older Releases

You can find older releases on SourceForge files page. You can also get them from our Git repository (check developer information for instructions). Older releases are unsupported.

Installing phpMyAdmin

The full process of installing phpMyAdmin is described in our manual. You can find there also information how to install phpMyAdmin on your Linux distribution.


Software appliances are becoming a popular way of distributing software. They are distributed as an image, which can be directly used by system (be it ISO image for bootable CD or virtual disks for some type of virtualization).

There are quite many appliances which provide phpMyAdmin as a management tool for MySQL. It usually comes as part of LAMP stack but there might be other offerings as well. Please check your favorite appliance provider, ISV or app store for it. Some of the appliances are listed on Wikipedia.